Getting on site in another country with your crew and equipment can be a challenge, and that is why Derry Bros Shipping offer a streamlined travel booking service that will give you peace of mind, great value and save you time in organising travel arrangements for your crew and equipment.

More and more tradesmen and site workers are travelling across the Irish Sea for work, with a recent report from the Office for National Statistics  estimating that there are currently approximately 16,000 Irish Nationals working in the UK construction industry.

If you are shipping your van, construction equipment and people we can provide you with free quotes for driver only or driver with passenger rates. Our rates apply to builders, plasterers, electrician, plumbers, painters and contractors.

We have an extensive knowledge of the shipping industry and have access to a much wider range of sea crossing options that the standard consumer routes. Construction projects will sometimes require urgent resources to be on site as quickly as possible, and that other projects will over-run meaning that catching the scheduled sailing isn’t always possible. We understand the nature of the construction industry and can offer a customised, flexible solution to meet your needs.

What our customer says

"During the recession we had to find work across the water. It was a hard decision but to keep the business going we had to find work off the island. Now we’re sending workers over to the UK on a fairly regular basis. We've opened an account with Derry Bros Shipping which means we can book vans on the boat at relatively short notice and get workers out on site or home pretty easily. I suppose the big advantage for my business is knowing that I now have transport partner that we can work with get workers out on site with their own equipment. The big difficulty with flying is always carrying tool boxes and equipment. Most tradesmen like to bring their own tools with them. They can put everything in the back of the van and go."