Haulage is a complex industry; delivering product to increasingly demanding customers on increasingly tight margins. To succeed in this environment, you need a partner who’s got your back.

That’s where Derry Bros steps in. Our experienced team of shipping experts have access to over 70 different routes across Europe. We know this industry inside out and we understand the complexities of freight shipping. We can book any type of vehicle on a variety of routes through UK, Ireland, Europe and beyond.

With the introduction of our new app, managing all your bookings in one place has never been easier. The app allows you to create and manage bookings through an easy to use interface and allows you to quickly and easily view all available routes. The app has been a massive success, with several of our haulage customers reporting that they now rely on it daily to make their ferry bookings easier to manage.

Vehicle Length Height Width
Articulated Flat Bed / Low Loader 17 - 25 Up to 5 2.6
Car Transporter 18 empty
21 loaded
4.6 empty
4.9 Loaded
Road Train 18 4.6 2.6
Articulated 14 - 17 4.6 2.6
Rigid/ Lorry 6.01 - 14 4.6 2.6
Van 4 - 6 2.7 2.6
*Please note all measurements are in meters, surcharge may apply for additional weight and width*

Unaccompanied Units

This is usually trailers but can be any type of traffic where port staff load and unload the vehicle from the ship or train

Vehicle Length Height Width
Flat Beds/ Low Loader 13.6 - 17
Double Deck 13.6 - 14 4.8 2.6
Tautliner 13.6 - 14 4.6 2.6
Box Van / Fridge 13.6 - 14 4.6 2.6
Portacabin/ Caravan 12 -14 4.6 2.6
Tanks 11 - 14 4.6 2.6
Tipper 11 - 14 4.6 2.6
*Please note all measurements are in meters, surcharge may apply for additional weight and width*

Examples of Additional Units

Vehicle Length Height Width
Solo Unit 6 4.0 2.6
Dumper Trucks 10 -14 4.0 2.6
Excavators (Rubber wheels only) 4 - 12 4.0 2.6
Domestic Trailer 4-6 2.0 2.6

If you don’t see the vehicle type you want to ship our experienced reservation team will be happy to guide you. Call us on 028 87784949.

What our customer says

 "We have been hauling across the Irish sea for more than 20 years. We used to go direct to the shipping companies which meant at least three phone calls to get the right booking. We were never guaranteed we'd get the same person every time, then we started using Derry Bros Shipping - they have become part of our team. We book all our ferry’s through them now. If we have driver running late and we need to change a booking all we need to do is ring Derry Bros and they sort it out for us. It’s a good service, we can make a call any time of the day and there is someone always on the end of the phone. They send us through any ferry notifications, so we are up to date on what is going on with the shipping companies.  They are really essential to my business" JD Tyrone.