Heavy Haulage

At Derry Bros, our experienced team of sea transport specialists can offer bespoke solutions for out of gauge cargo.

Whether it is heavy, wide, high or long, our reservations teams will explore all options to advise you on the best route and rate to get your abnormal load shipped. We work closely with all shipping lines to help our clients ship plant, construction equipment, tractors and other agri machinery using cost-effective and timely shipping options.

Officially an abnormal load (or wide load) is over a length of 17 meters, a width of 2.6 metres, over 4 metres in height or over the weight limit for the particular country it needs to travel through (for example 44 tonnes in the United Kingdom or 46 tonnes in Republic of Ireland.

Almost all ports across Europe require Abnormal Load Notification and approval before the vehicle can pass through the docks. By law the hauler is required to complete and present this documentation at the port. Not all operators make their maximum dimensions publicly available, get in touch and we can help you find out what is acceptable.


Abnormal Form – Stenaline
Abnormal Form – Irish Ferries