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Are you part of a group going on a cycling, angling, golf or shooting trip? Are you interested in getting the most suitable sea route to your destination. At Derry Bros Shipping we can assist you with your travel arrangements so that shipping bikes, shipping angling equipment, shipping shooting equipment or shipping your golf clubs will be as easy as possible. But thats not all we do!

Have you a classic car, a rally car, motor bikes or go karts you want to ship on a trailer, thats no problem either. We can book your van and trailer on the most suitable crossing option to get you to your destination.

And what would musical instruments. Are you part of a band, need to ship your musical instruments and bring members of your band by mini bus or van, then we can help you too with your shipping arrangements.


Heres what our customers are saying!

"Anglers are traveling back and forward from Ireland and the UK for competitions and fishing holidays. Driving really is the only option for our club members if they are entering competitions across the Irish Sea. They can put all their equipment into the back of a van and set off knowing they have everything they need with them. This is important especially if they are on a short weekend break and don't want to waste valuable fishing time sourcing equipment locally. Some of our members take their boat as well on a trailer. We've been working with Derry Bros now from more than a year, a new venture for us, but worthwhile. The big advantage is their knowledge, they know the shipping routes and times like the back of their hand." Sam keen angler from Fermanagh"


"I've been shooting now for nearly 20 years. I enter competitions all over the UK and have been lucky enough to be selected to represent Northern Ireland in a couple of competitions. I use Derry Bros Shipping simply because it makes life a bit easier when I'm traveling across the water to competitions. Going through security can be a bit hassly at an airport and its extra expense to carry a gun. I have a preferred brand of ammo that I use, generally I have to make sure I can get it either delivered ahead of competition which isn't always possible or find somewhere en route to a competition. Its not ideal but since traveling by van I can pack everything - Derry Bros Shipping have even helped me out when I missed a boat. A really good service and I save on car hire, ammunition costs and time by taking my own van". Graham Shooting Enthusiast and Competitor Ballymena

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