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Stena Line customers donate 61 807 cups of Mercy

Today the donations from Stena Line’s coffee campaign were handed over to Tomas Fransson, National Director at Mercy Ships Sweden. In total Stena Line customers made 61 807 donations during the campaign, which is equivalent to keeping an operating room running for two weeks onboard the hospital ship Africa Mercy. [image] Tomas Fransson, National Director Mercy Ships Sweden and Niclas Mårtensson, CEO Stena Line. “We are very happy that so many of Stena Line customers chose to support our work. It has also been great to see the enthusiasm and engagement among the employees at Stena Line

read full article...Stena Line and the Port of Trelleborg inaugurate onshore power supply

As the first ferry company in the Port of Trelleborg, Stena Line will now be connecting up its two vessels M/S Skåne and M/S Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to the electricity grid during calls into port. This is an important step in Stena Line’s dedicated sustainability work, with one of the focus areas being to reduce emissions into the atmosphere. [image] Stena Line is a pioneer in this field, and since 1989 has been able to connect up a number of its vessels to the electricity grid when docked. At present four of Stena Line’s six ports in Sweden are now connected to the local electricity grid.

read full article...Stena Line announces a new ferry route on the Baltic Sea

The demand for freight capacity in the Baltic Sea has been growing steadily over the last number of years and Stena Line is supporting this growth through investing in a new route from Poland to Sweden, Gdynia-Nynäshamn, which will commence operations from October 16th 2017 with six trips a week. [image] “This is another important step where we are seeing a strong demand from our customers and also where we are building for the future. We will continue to develop our business in line with customer and market demands and the new route will be an important complement to our existing Baltic

read full article...Stena Line´s customers support 23 life-changing surgeries

During September and October Stena Line runs a Group-wide Coffee Campaign on board all ferries to support the Mercy Ships charity in their efforts to deliver free health care to people in need in the developing world. After one month, Stena Line´s customers support is equivalent to 23 life-changing cleft palate surgeries. During September and October Stena Line’s customers are being given the opportunity to choose to buy their coffee or tea on board the ferries in a special Mercy Ships mug where 20p will be donated directly to the humanitarian NGO Mercy Ships. After one month more than 21

read full article...Stena Line nominated in the World Travel Awards Grand Final 2017

Stena Line is one of the nominees to win the title “World’s Leading Ferry Operator 2017” in the Grand Final taking place in Phu Quoc, Vietnam, the 10th of December. Previously Stena Line has won the title “World’s Leading Ferry Operator” at nine occasions. This year in the Ferry category Stena Line is up against Bluebridge Cook Straight Ferry Service - New Zealand, Brittany Ferries, DFDS, Interislander, Irish Ferries, Minoan Lines, P&O Ferries and Tallink Silja Line The World Travel Awards were founded in 1993 and is an international competition for the Travel and Hospitality industry.

read full article...Stena Line to strengthen freight network on the North Sea between Rotterdam and the UK by adding further capacity

London, 28 September 2017 – Earlier this year Stena Line announced the increase to their freight capacity on the route Rotterdam (Europoort) to Harwich January 2018 by replacing the current two RoRo vessels by two larger ships. Stena Line now announces their plans to also increase capacity on the route Rotterdam-Killingholme in January 2018. Stena Line will consequently increase their total capacity from Europoort with some 20%. A decision has now been taken to introduce a larger RoRo vessel on the North Sea to replace a current chartered ship, the Caroline Russ, when its contract expires in

read full article...Stena Line’s customers encouraged to support to Mercy Ships charity partnership

Stena Line is launching a Group-wide Coffee Campaign (Fri 1st Sept) to support the Mercy Ships charity in their efforts to deliver free, world-class health care to people in need in the developing world. [image] A key part of the campaign will see Stena Line customers being given the opportunity to choose to buy coffee or tea in a special Mercy Ships mug where 20p will be donated directly to Mercy Ships. “Every year we sell over 1 million cups of coffee or tea onboard our ships and we believe that buying their hot drink in a Mercy Ship mug is a simple and effective way for our

read full article...Traffic start for M/V Gute on Gdynia-Karlskrona

The strong growth within Stena Lines freight business on Baltic Sea South continues. This call for increased capacity and from Monday the 28th of August a fourth ship, M/V Gute, has been taken into operation between Gdynia and Karlskrona. [image] In 2016 the number of freight units on the route increased significantly and in the first eight months in 2017 the growth continues.  “Over these last few years we have experienced a very positive volume development and we believe this will continue and we are very happy to introduce a fourth ship since we are in need of extra capacity to be

read full article...Construction starts on Stena’s new RoPax vessels

- Newbuilds will be the most fuel-efficient ferries in its kind On Friday 25th August 2017, a ‘steel cutting ceremony’ was held at the AVIC Weihai Shipyard in China to mark the start of the construction of the first of four RoPax vessels ordered by Stena. The vessels have a planned delivery timetable during 2019 and 2020 with Stena having an option on a further four vessels as part of the overall contract. [image] Stena Lines CEO, Niclas Mårtensson. The vessels will be 50% larger than today’s standard RoPax vessels and this significant investment will see a continuation of Stena

read full article...Stena Line to add extra North Sea freight capacity on Rotterdam to Harwich route

London, 21 July 2017 - In response to demand on the route from Rotterdam (Europoort) to Harwich, Stena Line is to increase capacity by changing to larger ships [image] The current RoRo ships the Capucine and Severine operating twice daily from Europoort in the Netherlands and Harwich in the UK will be replaced by larger ships, the RoRo ships MV Misida and MV Misana, when their present charter contracts expire in January 2018. The overall freight capacity of the route will hereby increase by some 20%. The change coincides with the expected completion of a second berth in Europoort, part

read full article...Stena makes substantial investment in Superfast VII and Superfast VIII

Stena Line’s parent company Stena has confirmed a multi-million pound investment to acquire the Superfast VII and Superfast VIII ferries which operate on its Belfast-Cairnryan route. The ships currently operate under a charter contract agreement with AS Tallink Grupp and have done since they were deployed on the Belfast – Cairnryan route when it opened in November 2011.  Since then the vessels have proved to be both highly reliable and extremely popular with Stena Line customers, hence the acquisition.     Paul Grant, Stena Line’s Trade Director (Irish Sea North) said: “We are delighted

read full article...Stena Line signs deal with China’s largest travel agent

Stena Line has just signed an agreement with Ctrip, China’s largest travel agent to sell its passenger ferry tickets. The deal will enable Stena Line to access the vast Chinese market and open up a range of possibilities for self-drive tours using its extensive route network in Europe. “We are very exited about the cooperation with Ctrip and see this agreement as strategically important for Stena Line which will enable us to access a rapidly expanding market. It is our projection that we will reach 50,000 Chinese passengers across our routes on the Irish Sea by 2018, where we already have

read full article...Stena Line replaces 1,000,000 plastic bags

Stena Line sells almost one million plastic carrier bags every year on board the 36 vessels operating the ferry company’s 20 routes in Europe. Now they are replaced with a fully biodegradable bag. An important step towards the goal to phase out all carrier bags and disposables made from plastics. ”Plastics ending up in the oceans is a growing environmental problem. Therefore we have set the ambitious target to phase out carrier bags and disposables from plastics onboard all our ferries during the coming year,” says Erik Lewenhaupt, Head of Sustainability at Stena Line. In 2016 Stena Line

read full article...Growth on Gdynia-Karlskrona continues – a fourth vessel to be introduced

After this summer a fourth vessel will be joining the route between Gdynia and Karlskrona. The decision is based on continuous strong growth within the freight business. [image] In 2016 the number of freight units on the route increased significantly and in the first five months in 2017 the growth continues. “Our route between Poland and Sweden is strategically important to us and an integral part of the infrastructure linking the Central part of Europe with Scandinavia. Over these last few years we have experienced extremely positive volume development and we believe this will

read full article...Stena Line sustainability targets is paying off

Stena Line’s increased strategic focus on sustainability and environmental improvements over recent years is starting to pay off.   Key measurement data has shown that fuel consumption and emission levels to the air and sea have both decreased.  The results are contained in a new Stena Line publication, ‘A Sustainable Journey’ which also presents information on ambitious targets the company is setting for itself for a more sustainable future. [image] Reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions are just examples of Stena Line’s efforts to achieve its vision of Connecting Europe for a

read full article...Stena Line’s four new vessels planned for Belfast routes

-Introducing the world’s most fuel efficient RoPax vessels- Last year Stena announced a newbuild contract of four RoPax ferry vessels with a planned delivery schedule during 2019 and 2020.  The contract also contains an option for another four vessels to be ordered.  The four vessels are being built at the AVIC Shipyard in China and the plan is to locate the vessels on the Irish Sea, specifically on Stena Line’s routes to and from its expanding Belfast hub. “The routes to and from Belfast are strategically very important to Stena Line and during the last number of years we have made

read full article...Stena Line enters partnership with Mercy Ships

The humanitarian NGO Mercy Ships and Stena Line, the world’s largest privately owned ferry company, have decided to enter a long-term partnership.  The goal is to raise general awareness about the charity, promote volunteering and charitable giving both within Stena Line itself as well as amongst its travellers and partners. [image] Mercy Ships owns and operates the largest civilian hospital-ship in the world to deliver free, world-class health care services to the poorest of the poor together with capacity building and sustainable development to nations in the developing world. Since

read full article...Stena Line increase capacity on the Baltic routes

To strengthen its business position in Central Europe and Scandinavia, as well as to serve the growing demand, the company Stena Line now implement a more frequent ferry timetable which is more adapted to client needs and also provides a long-term growth-orientated solution with an additional ferry and focus on two main routes. “As the demand for the ferry transports is rapidly increasing, we are developing and enhancing our services by modifying our ferry timetables and introducing an additional ferry. We are elaborating a new business concept focusing on Northern Baltic Sea region

read full article...Stena Britannica first out with new look

During Stena Britannica’s docking period on Damen Shipyard in Rotterdam she was the first vessel in Stena Lines fleet to get a new updated livery with green waves complemented by the strapline “Connecting Europe for a Sustainable Future”. This is the new standard for Stena Lines ships livery and it will be implemented on the vessels in connection with planned dockings. In total 17 ships in Stena Lines fleet have a planned docking period during 2016 and 2017. During the docking period Stena Britannica also got scrubbers installed. [image]

read full article...We are 270 times around the world

Today the World Maritime Day is celebrated all over the world. The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has for 2016 chosen the theme; "Shipping: indispensable to the world". We could not agree more. Stena´s fleet alone travels 270 times around the world. Every year. [image] Stena Line with its extensive route network in Northern Europe carries around 30 000 kilometers of trucks every year, equal to more than 3 times the distance between London and Shanghai, supplying grocery stores and supermarkets with fresh food and flowers, manufacturing companies with processing materials and

read full article...Niclas Mårtensson assumes the position of CEO at Stena Line

Deputy CEO Niclas Mårtensson has been appointed CEO by the Stena Line as of September 28th 2016. The current CEO, Carl-Johan Hagman, will resume his position as Chairman of the Stena Line Board and will also remain in the role as Head of Shipping at Stena AB. Niclas Mårtensson has more than 10 years’ experience of working in different senior positions within Stena Line including Route manager in Germany and Poland, COO and most recently as Deputy CEO. “This appointment is a natural step in our development process.  We are pleased that we have recruited a CEO internally who will be able to

read full article...Stena Line to add extra North Sea freight capacity on Rotterdam to Killingholme route

In response to demand on the routes from Rotterdam (Europoort and Hoek van Holland) to Killingholme, Stena Line is to add additional capacity by introducing a second ship from Europoort to Killingholme The RoRo ship Caroline Russ, has been brought in to operate three times weekly from Europoort in the Netherlands and Killingholme in the UK, with the first departure from Europoort on October 31, 2016. The ship will join current RoRo ship, the Stena Scotia, on the route. The frequency will hereby increase to six departures per week in each direction. The Stena Scotia was introduced on the

read full article...Stena Line introduces Bordershop in Ventspils

The 9th of September it is official opening of Stena Lines new Bordershop in Ventspils, as another step in Stena Line strategy to offer its customers value for money products. Bordershops, selling cheap alcohol products is a very attractive concept for Swedish travelers and the aim is to increase the interest for them to visit Latvia. “Ventspils-Nynäshamn is an important route for Stena Line. We took over the business a few years ago and since then we have had a positive development and have taken important steps both in our freight and travel business. This is another important step in the

read full article...Stena Line and Stena Bulk main partners to the North Sea Tall Ships Regatta Gothenburg 2016

Welcome onboard 30 of the world’s most spectacular ships when Gothenburg will host the North Sea Tall Ships Regatta on September 3-6, 2016. Stena Line and Stena Bulk are the main partners of this international sailing event when it arrives in our home town. North Sea Tall Ships Regatta Gothenburg 2016 takes place on September 3-6, 2016, and welcomes some of the world’s most spectacular ships, from modern sailing ships to 300 feet long full-rigged vessels. Stena Line and Stena Bulk hosts this international sailing event in cooperation with the City of Gothenburg. “When an event like Tall

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